Today, March 31st, the second funnel deadline disabled several additional anti-LGBTQ bills. It should be noted, however, that some of the bills disabled have been rolled into the Governor’s Discrimination in Education proposal and are therefore still actively debatable ideas. The bills no longer eligible for debate are the following:

HF616 Bars state colleges and universities from expending any money on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
SF 297 Allows healthcare providers and institutions to refuse care on the basis of “sincerely held beliefs”
HF367 Allows teachers and staff to misgender students without consequences
HF 182 Chills speech on college campuses by creating a list of 51 different phrases that colleges have to report on if they teach classes containing the listed phrases
HF 180 Forcibly outs transgender students if faculty or staff learn that a student is trans
HF597 Prevents materials with any description of sex acts, effectively banning multiple works of classic literature
HF 348 “Don’t say gay” style legislation which bans any mention of gender identity or sexual orientation from grades K-6

Bills that are still eligible for debate include the following:

SF496 Governor’s Discrimination in Education Bill. Don’t Say or Trans K-6, forced outing, no nicknames, removes info about HPV and HIV from curricula, severe library material restrictions. Senate version has passed floor, House version has passed committee (versions do not match)
HF327 | SF 391 Governor’s curricula bill. Among other things, removes info about HIV transmission from required curricula standards Passed both chambers but not in identical form, requires Senate to vote on amended House language

SF496 notably contains elements from HF180, HF597, and HF348. While those standalone bills are no longer eligible, the policies they propose should still be considered an active threat.

For up to date information on where bills are at in the process, please visit the 2023 Anti-LGBTQ Bill Tracker.

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