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Bill Number Context Status Cosponsors
SF 80 Bill to prevent schools from soliciting pronouns, outing students if they do Assigned to subcommittee (Sinclair, Carlin, Celsi) Sinclair
HF 170 Allows for discrimination against LGBTQ people and other groups in employment, foster care, adoption, restroom access, and more Unassigned Salmon
HF 184 Limits transgender students from participation in athletics, includes invasive “verification” requirements for a student whose gender is “challenged” Unassigned Salmon
HF 187 “Bathroom bill” – prevents transgender Iowans from using restrooms that correspond with their gender identity Unassigned Salmon
HF 193 Denies medically necessary care for transgender youth Unassigned Salmon
SF 167 Prevents discussing gender identity in the classroom unless specifically opted-in in some circumstances, totally prohibits it in others. Highest standard available…no other topic is specifically forbidden to be addressed in Iowa educational standards, and none are opt-in either. Awaiting debate in the Senate Education Committee Carlin, Schultz, Taylor, Johnson, Klimesh, Sinclair, Rozenboom, Shipley
HF 272 Removes gender identity as a class from the Iowa Civil Rights Act, stripping transgender Iowans of civil rights protections Unassigned Fisher, Wheeler, Cisneros, Salmon
HF 326 Requires educators to talk about “potential harm and adverse outcomes” of transitioning Unassigned Shipley
HF 327 Forces medical professionals to add additional barriers before a young person can transition including consent of all parents/guardians, even if the child isn’t living with all parents/guardians Unassigned Shipley
HF 334 Another bill which limits transgender students from participating in athletics programs with invasive “verification” requirements Unassigned Shipley
SF 224 Prevents transgender students from using the appropriate restroom in school (school centric bathroom bill). Awaiting debate in the Senate Education Committee Carlin
HF 340 Limits the scope of protections for transgender Iowans under the Iowa Civil Rights Act, pits the rights of women against the rights of transgender people Unassigned Shipley
HF 341 Lengthens the amount of time someone has to file a malpractice complaint against a medical professional if their treatment had anything to do with gender dysphoria. This telegraphs that these procedures are somehow more dangerous to clients, and that they are more legally risky to providers, discouraging best practice treatment Unassigned Shipley
HF 405 “Bathroom bill” – prevents transgender Iowans from using restrooms that correspond with their gender identity Unassigned Shipley
SF 436 “RFRA” – creates broad religious exemptions to otherwise generally applicable laws, including anti-discrimination protections and public safety protections Assigned to subcommittee (Guth, Celsi, Schultz) Guth, Schultz, Rozenboom, Whiting, Johnson, Carlin, Taylor


Please note that these are not the only pieces of legislation we work on, this list only contains legislation which explicitly targets LGBTQ Iowans. We are also deeply committed to preventing public money from being funneled to discriminatory institutions, addressing structural issues in the criminal justice system, ending the HIV epidemic, and more. To see all our declarations for the current legislative session, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Director of Policy and Advocacy, Keenan Crow, at keenan@oneiowa.org.