They’re at it again.

Tomorrow Senate Republicans are running not one, not two, but three anti-LGBTQ bills on the floor. SF538 would ban gender affirming care for minors. SF482 is a school bathroom bill that will force trans students into unsafe restrooms. And SF391 would, among other things, remove information about HIV from Iowa curricula standards.

If you haven’t already sent an email about the gender affirming care ban using our form, please do so now.

This care has been evaluated as safe and effective by every major American medical organization. Taking it away from kids who need it is cruel.

We also have a new form you can use to email your legislators about the bathroom bills. 

Since there are two slightly different bills, we have two slightly different emails for you to send with slightly different talking points, and its all there pre-filled for you!

Finally, we think SF391 is already too far in the process to be derailed. It is moving in identical form in both chambers tomorrow. Our only move here is to contact the Governor and tell her to put info about HIV back in the curricula. You can call her at (515) 281-5211 and voice your concerns.


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