Jan 31, 2024 [Des Moines, Iowa]— The attempt to pass HF2082, the bill seeking to eliminate gender identity from the Iowa Civil Rights Act, died in the House with legislators voting 0-3 to kill the bill.

The proposed legislation intended to strip transgender individuals in Iowa of crucial anti-discrimination protections in key areas such as housing, credit practices, education, employment, and public accommodations. If passed, it would have made Iowa the first state to remove transgender people from its civil rights act.

Today marks an important win for the rights of transgender Iowans. One Iowa Action Executive Director, Courtney Reyes, responded to today’s victory.

“The failure to pass HF2082 is a testament to the resilience of our community and the record number of Iowans who recognized the importance of upholding fundamental civil protections for all.

We appreciate the lawmakers who stood against this discriminatory proposal, recognizing the inherent value of safeguarding transgender folks from discrimination in their daily lives. The fight for equality continues, but today’s outcome is a clear indication that the majority of Iowans stand against discrimination and believe in protecting our civil rights.

Our message to Republican lawmakers who continue to propose bills that would strip away the rights of LGBTQ Iowans is clear: we firmly oppose this legislation, and our community remains steadfast in its commitment to resist these harmful bills.”

One Iowa Action calls on all Iowans, legislators, and business leaders to continue standing against discriminatory legislation and to work towards creating an inclusive and equitable Iowa for all.

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