Today, September 14, LGBTQ advocacy organization One Iowa Action announced its state legislative endorsements for the 2020 election. During the 2020 legislative session, the Iowa legislature released 14 anti-LGBTQ bills. The focus of these bills ranged from discouraging educators from talking about LGBTQ people in schools to removing civil rights protections for transgender Iowans entirely. After a significant lobbying campaign from One Iowa Action, Human Rights Campaign, and our coalition partners, all these bills were defeated.

One Iowa Action Executive Director Courtney Reyes announced the endorsements in a statement:

“After this legislature’s historic attempts to discriminate against LGBTQ Iowans, we are proud to announce this group of candidates who will fight for justice and equality on behalf of all Iowans. LGBTQ Iowans are just like anyone else. They deserve to raise their children, get a quality education, and go to work without living in fear of discrimination.
We know these attacks will not stop if nothing changes. Our opposition continues to advocate for legislation that discriminates against LGBTQ people or even denies our existence. Which is why it is more important than ever to have LGBTQ-supportive elected officials at all levels of government protecting and advancing LGBTQ equality. Electing these 13 candidates will ensure that those seeking a license to discriminate are never able to issue one. ”

The candidates endorsed by One Iowa Action are:

  • CJ Peterson (SD 6)
  • Jen Pellant (HD 16)
  • Bruce Hunter (HD 34)
  • Andrea Phillips (HD 37)
  • Heather Matson (HD 38)
  • Karin Derry (HD 39)
  • Jennifer Konfrst (HD 43)
  • Shelly Stotts (HD 47)
  • Carissa Froyum (HD 63)
  • Liz Bennett (HD 65)
  • Christina Blackcloud (HD 72)
  • Ruby Bodeker (HD 75)
  • Phil Miller (HD 82)

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