March 3, 2022 [Des Moines, Iowa]— Today at noon Governor Kim Reynolds signed HF2416, a law that bans transgender women and girls from participating in school sports from kindergarten through college.

One Iowa Action Board Chair Angus Raymond condemned the legislation in a statement:
“Despite overwhelming opposition, and a plethora of medical and mental health experts giving testimony to how this will cause harm, Gov. Reynolds is telling Iowa’s transgender children and youth that they are less-than, and unimportant to her state in blatant disregard for Title IX. We are profoundly disappointed in the legislature and the governor’s office. 

We repeatedly requested through every available channel that Governor Reynolds or her staff meet with impacted students and their families to hear their concerns but were ignored or rebuffed at every turn. Considering her remarks just two days ago that Americans are ‘tired of politicians who tell parents they should sit down, be silent, and let government control their kids’ education and future,’ this move feels like cruel irony at best or intentional hypocrisy at worst. ”

“My heart is breaking for trans youth in Iowa who now will not have lifesaving access to sports,” said Anne Lieberman, Athlete Ally’s Director of Policy & Programs. “HF2416 is one of the many bills around the country singling out transgender young people, increasing bullying and harassment, and preventing them from participating in the sports that they love. What these bills signal is that lawmakers do not believe trans youth deserve to be safe and included in every aspect of their lives. We will never stop fighting this cruelty.”

We also have to remember that this is just one fight of many and we can’t give up now. There is still legislation that will disproportionately target stories about LGBTQ people and people of color, legislation that would give taxpayer dollars to discriminatory institutions, and legislation to grant relgious exemptions to generally applicable laws. Sign up now to phone bank for the rights of LGBTQ Iowans.


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