Press Release

March 7, 2023 [Des Moines, Iowa]— Today the Iowa Senate advanced both SF538, a bill that would ban gender affirming care, and SF482, a school bathroom bill that would force trans students into unsafe restrooms.

One Iowa Action Executive Director Courtney Reyes issued the following statement:

“The Iowa Legislature continues its session-long obsession with LGBTQ Iowans. Rather than feeding hungry children, growing Iowa’s workforce, or strengthening our public schools, Senate Republicans have advanced two bills that punch down on transgender students. 

Families should be able to access healthcare that every major medical organization agrees is safe and effective. Children should be able to use the restrooms that match their gender identities just like they have for the past 15 years without issue. 

We call on both the Iowa House and Governor Kim Reynolds to stop these bills from going any further. These bills help no one and hurt vulnerable children. If they advance we will all suffer the consequences as employees and employers alike flee the state for areas that support them and their families.”

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