[Des Moines]—Today, January 29, Iowa State Representatives Dean Fisher, Anne Osmundson, Terry Baxter, Tedd Gassman, Thomas Gerhold, Phil Thompson, Tom Jeneary, Skyler Wheeler, and Sandy Salmon released HF 2164, a bill which seeks to repeal all protections for transgender Iowans and remove them from the Iowa Civil Rights Act entirely. Such legislation would leave transgender Iowans vulnerable in the areas of employment, education, credit practices, housing, and public accommodations. Removing an entire class from a state civil rights statute has never happened in US history.

One Iowa Action Executive Director Courtney Reyes condemned HF 2164 in a statement:

“What these Representatives are doing is cynical political theatrics at their worst. Allowing transgender Iowans to be fired from their jobs or denied housing simply because they are transgender is a new low, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of concentrating on jobs, infrastructure, or education they are using the transgender community as a wedge issue in what will be a failed attempt to win votes in the upcoming election.

Transgender Iowans deserve to be protected against discrimination and most legislators know that, which is why the Iowa legislature established such protections in a bipartisan vote well over a decade ago. We urge the Iowa legislature to focus on keeping Iowa a premiere destination for residents and visitors alike. These bills do not accomplish that goal and will be an impediment to Iowa businesses attracting, recruiting, and retaining the top talent needed for our state to succeed.”

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